Tuesday, December 15, 2009

America.........the Caretaker of Democracy or the Architect of Supremacy?

The best way to govern the people is Democracy as Democracy denotes a social state in which all have equal rights in every affair of the governance without hereditary or arbitrary differences of rank or privilege, and America as the leader, torch barer and caretaker of Democracy support`s the democratic movements, and with iron hand works against the autocratic and monarchistic governments around the globe with authority, which is indeed good as far as safeguard of Democracy is concern but the question arise DID AMERICA ACTUALLY WORKS FOR THE INTEREST OF DEMOCRACY?

Their is a big question mark on the intention of Hippocratic American Foreign Policy, as there are still 44 nations which are govern by monarchistic government led by "absolutely monarchistic Saudia Arabia........the biggest ally of Democratic America", whereas most of the these states are American allies. And if we go back to history we find America as the strongest ally of Iran under the monarchistic rule of Shah contrary to today's Democratic Iran. So is it correct to call America the Caretaker of Democracy?

No........it will be incorrect to call it as the Leader, torch barer or caretaker of Democracy because America is working on the funda of maintaining its supremacy over the Globe, whether it is in name of Democracy, Disarmament, Peace/Terrorism, Human Rights, Enviornment and etc.

If it cares for Democracy why America is the biggest ally of Saudia Arabia.....the biggest monarchistic government in the world? If it cares for Disarmament the why it is the strongest ally of Israel....the biggest manufacturer of weapons? If it cares for peace then what their armed forces are doing in Arabian sea, Mediterranean sea and even Pacific ocean? These are some questions which clears our doubt that America on the name of maintaining Democracy, Disarmament and Peace actually wants to maintain its supremacy on the Globe or we can say by exploiting these issues America wants itself to be the synonym of Supremacy........

Thursday, September 4, 2008

India is a land of diversity, land of different cultural values, different religion, caste, color, creed, and languages, a land of different geographical conditions,a land of biggest Democracy in the World, and of course, a land of different political approach. Each and every party has different approach to govern the people, which is based on their different political ideologies. For example, Indian National Congress the oldest political party in India has its own ideology of Socialism,Social Democracy and Populism , whereas, the Lefties follow the ideology of Marxism/Leninism, however the Bharitiya Janta Party, has its own ideology of Hindutva to govern the secular country.The other parties like Samajwadi party and BSP govern their people with the slogan of social justice ,whereas smaller parties like TDP,AIADMK,DMK,AGP,HVP,SAD,RLD,NC, and many more have their own political approach to govern their respective states with their prescribed ideology.But, all these political parties compromise their respective ideologies for the sake of power because Power is bigger than ideology these days…….So does it mean -India is a country of Political Opportunism? My answer is, yes!….and this answer could be explained through various examples.First of all,the example of BJP,who advocates Hindutva, but the glimpse of this ideology is shown only in election.After coming to power they forget Ram or Ram Temple in Ayodhya or various other issues related to Hindutva. So, this shows the opportunistic approach of BJP.Whereas, the recent understanding between Congress and the Samajwadi party regarding Nuclear Deal, shows the opportunistic approach of both the parties,both have been long time political foes of each other but on the question of power saving and power sharing formula both of them agreed and became friends……again an opportunistic approach. However, the Lefties, the staunch supporters of socialism and communism raised their supportive hand to Congress, led by Mr. Manmohan Singh…the introducer of Capatilist Economy and globlization in India……yet again a manifestation of the inherent opportunistic bent that is all prevailing in the Indian political vein.